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Christmas in Manila – an amazing light show

This video shows how amazing it is to be in Manila at Christmas time in 2016.
The streets of Manila and the buildings and the malls are covered in lights celebrating Christmas and that Jesus Christ was born. Never have I seen anything like this before.

It is a rather long video, but it does not get boring, but rather captivates with a beauty and creativity that is seldom experienced.


Safer Philippines with Duterte Effect

I am amazed that there is a Duterte effect in Manila – and probably elsewhere too, so short time after President Duterte got the power in the Philippines.

The Duterte effect is seen in this short video of the streets of Manila, the Philippines.  He has vowed a war on drugs, crime and corruption. Let’s hope it is real effect and that at last the Philippines can get rid of the corruption and crime.


A different perspective on Manila

This is a rather odd perspecitve on Manila. Firstly it is about traffic and then history. The history part is quite interesting but very focused on the killings of Filipinos by imperial powers at various stages of the Philippine history. However former President and dictator Marcos, was not mentioned, maybe because he was himself a Filipino.

Imperial powers always leave some dark history with killing of innocent native people. But it would be interesting to see your comments on this on our Manila.PH Facebook page. Feel free to express yourself there.
Regarding the traffic matter, then I am sure that many other cities have much worse traffic situation than Manila. Cities like Mumbai, Jakarta or maybe even Tokyo.


Recycled plastic bottles used for life saving efforts in Manila

I think that it is great that efforts are put into recycling all the plastic bottles that float around in Manila. Plastic bottles are found every where. The next step is to pay people for submitting their bottles in stores. This could also be a great way to help the indigent to earn some money. This will certainly help to clean up the city of Manila, the Philippines.