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Angelique’s Champorado from Caloocan

Angelique’s Champorado from Caloocan


On the Show of TinTin Bersola Babao and Chinkee Tan: Magbadyet Tayo, they featured a new interesting business thriving in today’s market. They featured Angelique’s Champorado which is delivered by Lala Move. It is a new business as of yet but there is already hype surrounding the business because of the inventive and imaginative flavors they feature for their champorado.

Right now, they have flavors in ube, chocolate and corn flavors. Next in line is to produce a mango flavored champorado. Already, champorado is being set as a delicious breakfast fare today. Angelique, a housewife, was imaginative enough to add flavors into today’s modern trend in champorado. Her husband, a delivery driver, was able to quit his job and help his wife in her business of champorado and called it Angelique’s Champorado. It is, however, not so popular enough to garner franchisees because it hasn’t profited past 50% but it is fast getting there.

Their champorado business is made in Caloocan City and can be contacted at Dagat Dagatan, Caloocan City Barangay 28. Deliveries are not yet in the system, but one can have them picked up via Lala Move. In the helm is Angeique’s husband Jhon who assists his wife in their daily breakfast and meryenda fare.

To cook Champorado requires rice to be soaked in cold water. Then it is strained in a mesh or sieve. Boil 5 cups of water then add the rice to it. To make thicker champorado lessen the water to be boiled and added to the rice. Let it boil again to a simmer but not too hot that it might burn the rice. Cook the rice for another 15 minutes, stirring at times so that the rice does not stick to the sides.

When water has been absorbed by the rice, time to stop. Test taste your rice to make certain it is not tough. To make chocolate champorado, add cocoa to the mixture of rice. Stir along as you cook your rice with the cocoa powder. Add some chopped chocolate and brown sugar further into your mixture. Continue mixing until it has the consistency of a porridge. If the consistency is too thick, add more milk to the mixture to thin it down. Usually condensed milk is used for this but any milk will do as you go along.

You may use tablea to the mix and produce a chocolate mixture. This is the traditional method. But cocoa will do for any ordinary fare of champorado. And so your chocolate champorado is ready to serve.

Angelique’s Champorado feature the following flavors:

  • Ube champorado
  • Hershey Camp
  • Buko Pandan
  • Creamy Sopas
  • Ginataang Mais
  • Maja with Cheese
  • Biko with Latik
  • Lumpiang Sariwa

When you go to their store you will find these fine flavors in great big vats filled with various champorado. For each day, customers finish up these vats and there is room to dream that this thriving business will grow into a more lucrative business. The flavors are enough to let you know that the flavors are to pine for.

As of now, it is a husband and wife team are doing all the work. But there is room to grow for this fast thriving business. Chinkee Tan and Tintin Bersola Babao believe there is something in this breakfast that will soon become more popular in the future Manila scenario if managed well and it does seem that they are being managed well enough.

The beauty of this business is the camaraderie of husband and wife team. Jhon resigned from his work as a delivery driver to help his wife because they realized its potential. The various flavors are proof enough that there is wealth in these great vats of champorado.

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