Fusion: The Music Festival Returns

Fusion Music Festival in Manila, the Philippines

Tomorrow, live bands shall grace the CCP Complex grounds with each of their own genre and style of music. Favorite OPM (Original Pilipino Music) bands shall perform in a culminating Fusion of sounds titled: Fusion : The Music Festival Returns. The initial Music Festival was a success, hence the repeat attraction in the open air arena of the CCP grounds.

The concert shall present famous, multi talented bands such as Bamboo, Ben and Ben, KZ Tandingan, Arthur Nery, Adie, Morissette, 6-cyclemind, Gloc 9, Shanti Dope, Lola Amour, Denise Julia, Hey June, Al James and so much more.

The concert shall commence at 7:30 pm. Earlier, at 4 pm is the youthful Battle of the Bands where various emerging artists shall vie for the prize to win the ultimate in music awards for upcoming bands in the country.

Also, a wildcard performer is expected to perk up the night therefore, be expectant and enthralled lasting the whole night.

Fusion is known to be the ultimate in music festivals for the whole country and every band is expectant to be in their best stage performance.

Performances such as Bamboo with their songs, Tatsulok, Noypi and Hallelujah are expected to show up and perform their best. Tatsulok, Bamboo’s most famed piece is a sorrowful and angry song about the violence in the country and how only the rich can afford justice. Noypi is an inverse of the word Pinoy meaning Filipino in slang is a song about the genius of being a Filipino. Hallelujah is proving to be a love song. Bamboo is an offshoot of the disbanded Rivermaya therefore has been in the music scene way back. They banded up with the Pop band Passage. They have had a long history behind them in the music industry.

Another artist is Morissette or Morissette Amon hailing from Cebu. She began her career after winning in Star Factor of TV5 at age 14 and debuting in Repertory Philippines’ Camp Rock rendition of the original Disney movie. She is Filipino Star Magazine’s answer to the next great Diva. She is married to Dave Lamar having met in 2020 and married in 2021. They continue to compose new music together. Her father is a rock band member and named her after Alanis Morissette, his favorite singer. She was known to grow up singing songs by Regine Velasquez and Jessa Zaragoza.

A feature of the concert is the Battle of the Bands at 4pm this coming concert. Battle of the Bands is a concert format hailed from the United States of America and has produced much of the greats in the Philippine music scene.

So, make way tomorrow for the duple concert event: Battle of the Bands and the concert of artists who have been known to prove their talent in the music scene. Watch the sun set as the bands bring about their best and bring about the best in each other. As the night cloaks the sky, it would be time for the veteran singers to showcase their talent.

Hopefully, this kind of concert, a fusion and collaboration of the best in each other will continue their tradition throughout the years to come. After the pandemic it truly is a relief to watch the bands and singers come together and tug at the heartstrings of the Filipino audience.

It is expected to be a beautiful fusion of voices rising to the clear night air. Bring your children and expose them to the music which is Filipino at its finest. Who knows, one day these young audience will pursue their dreams of singing as well and wind up on stage themselves somehow, someday.