Europe In My Mind

Europe in my mind

How about visiting the European Union without leaving the country, Philippines.

The Europeans have opened a festival of European scenarios with their products, dance, and song numbers. We call this the EuroVillage.

It is the first of its kind in Manila, Philippines. To be specific one may go to the Capital Commons Park in Pasig City from May 27 until May 28.

The festival features food, gastronomical products, sports exhibition and various other authentic features of European experience.

Attendance to the European Union or EU are the following:

  • Finland
  • Poland
  • France
  • Italy
  • Hungary
  • Poland
  • Austria
  • Romania
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Denmark
  • Czech Republic
  • Plus Ukraine, the youngest to enter the EU

As one can see, they are all in complete attendance to bring Europe to the Filipinos here in Manila. The Diversity of Europe with its various countries attracting Filipino visitors is one of a kind. It shows they have solidarity in their presentation.

Responsible for these festivities is Dr. Ana Isabel Ruiz who has managed to merge these countries in Europe to bring to the Filipinos products that they may want to collaborate on business arrangements that is accessible. It establishes the fact that culture is at the heart of the European convergence. Culture is identity and helps to define who they truly are.

The culture of Europe is so uniquely different in diversity that one is awed by this. It is not the similarity alone which defines them but also their differences that help bind them together. Now they want the Filipinos to experience their palate, their flavors, their colors and perhaps even history.

Dances, and other performances shall be provided and this is completely free. Also they are providing European languages to be learned. Sponsors such as Alliance Francaise de Manila, Instituto Cervantes, Goethe Institut, and Philippine –Italian Association all combine to give a unique experience of language free, accessible and simple lessons. Spanish, German, French are just some of the lessons provided by these sponsors.

Included are draft beers, sausages, waffles, rye and dairy products will be provided while one promenades the busy scene of the Euro Village. A concert group accompanies the promenade as they sample produce along the way. It truly is kind of being in Europe in itself.

The Manila String Machine shall provide European music along with serenades of Romania and Ukraine. For people interested in learning more about their music can participate and learn their remarkable music.

Ever since the issue of Brexit, France has taken it upon themself to unite the remaining countries of the European Union. It is admirable to find that Ukraine is a worthy addition to their countries.

Ukraine joins Romaniain presenting their own cultural identity be it dance, music or food. It certainly is a worthwhile event to go to and its free. The spirit of Ukraine lives on and is alive and well as one shall see in this festivity.

The festivity opens at around 4 pm until midnight which makes for a dramatic look. It is free and is meant to open one’s mind towards travel. Though not all can travel, this is one way of experiencing a culture which is happening halfway across the globe.

This festivity is a city in itself for the duration of it. There is nothing of a hindrance to stop people from seeing and sensing it with all their five senses. It is a burst of flavor in the mouth, an adventure of color and scenes from a typical European village

It all happens tomorrow so be prepared. Bring your children for them to experience the authentic values of the European countries together yet together still in their variety. Enjoy!