A day in Manila Zoo

When you are in Manila, and have a day off, why not spend it in Manila Zoo?
There are lots of animals to see and it is always interesting to see how the animals behave and look like. Nothing is like seeing a majestic animal with your own eyes – seeing a movie or documentary even it is from National Geographic just does not make the trick or give the same impression.

Besides the facination of the animals, one cannot help but wonder, how the tiger or lions can manage to live in such small confinements, when their natural habitat is many squares of kilomiters, where they can wander around and live in the free, getting proper exercise by running far and fast fast to hunt for food.
Going to the zoo also requires that you can manage the smell – especially on a sunny day. If you have children to bring with you, it may be one of the highlights of their life always to remember and cheerish.


Robert Kiyosaki is comming to Manila!

Victory favors the prepared.
If you are a business person, you wage war on many fronts. The Masters of Wealth speakers came from various backgrounds with different specialties to help you prepare for what is ito come.
Robert Kiyosaki has become an expert at selling information how to change your life of mediocracy into a life as property owner and business.
However, before you pay a fortune for a ticket to any seminar, watch a lot of free videos on YouTube and other places and you will learn. If you practice what you learn you do not need to pay for what you learn at such a conference or seminar.

Courtesy of Success Resources, Robert Kiyosaki, JT Foxx, Peng Joon, Mario Singh, Robert Riopel, Andrew Matthews and Richard Duncan will be with us on November 30.